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Red Cliffs

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Weligama Travel Guide

Weligama is located on the pictursque South Coast of Sri Lanka in Matara district at a distance of 143 km from Colombo. It literally means `Sandy Village', a name given because of its sandy sweep bay. This idyllic fishing village provides a wide range of vacation villas to cater to all budgets and needs. The main attraction of Weligama are the uncrowded beaches, still untouched by mass tourism. It is little wonder then the place is a favourite with those looking for some peaceful moments in Sri Lanka's scenic surroundings. Adding much colour to the landscape here are the famous stilt fishermen, one of the most enduring images of the island.

However, there is more to Weligama than its beautiful beaches. Surrounded by rubber and coconut plantations, ancient temples and spice gardens, natural sanctuaries and exotic wildlife, Weligama is a haven for all sorts of activities. Added to these is the fact that it provides and ideal base to explore south and west Sri Lanka.

Here are some of the activities you can do in Weligama.

Surfing: Weligama is a great destination for surfing in the Indian Ocean. There are several surf points within walking distance including Beach Break and the Weligama Beach Brake (best for beginners). Some other surf brakes include Kabalana, Midigama, Ram's Point, Plantation Point and Two Secrets Point. Surf lessons are available for the beginners as also professionals.

Coconut Factory: Wander through coconut plantation and visit a coconut factory where you can see mats, ropes, and nets being made out of coconut fibre.

Snake Farm: If you are interested in wildlife, you can see snakes in their natural habitats. If you take a guided tour, the experienced guides will explain you all there is to know about Sri Lankan snakes.

Rubber Factory: Since time immemorail Sri Lanka has been well known for its natural riches including the rubber trees. You can visit a factory and see the process from collecting the fresh sap to the export-quality pure rubber.

Organic Fruit Farm: This is perfect for those who are really health enthusiasts. You'll be amazed at the vast variety of fruits including 20 different types of bananas available as pure fruits, jams, juices and tasty food on the restaurant located on site.

Catamaran rides: Grab a catamaran ride and enjoy the sight of the picturesque bay. You can even ask the fishermen to take you and they will most likely oblige in between their fishing trips. At the prettiest end of the bay is the Island or Taprobane, where you can see the beautiful dream house of French Count de Maunay, built in the 30’s by Count de Mauny, a French landscape architect who created this legendary house on a piece of land which was originally a cobra dump. The octaganal white villa has attracted everyone from Noel Coward, Paul Bowles and Robin Maugham.