Eco-friendly & Vegan Guide to Bali: Travel Responsibly & Ethically

Eco-friendly guide to Bali: what are the most eco-friendly things to do in Bali. Including vegan restaurants & eco-retreats on the island.

Bali is a nature lover’s paradise and most visitors to the island are all about the great outdoors. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of Bali’s natural environment will want to do their best to preserve it. But how can you minimize your carbon footprint in Bali, whilst enjoying the island’s diverse ecosystems and landscapes?

Here are the most fun and eco-friendly things to do during your trip to Bali, including the best eco-resorts and green eateries on the island.

Eco-friendly things to see and do in Bali

Take a diving eco-trip

The waters around Bali are a dream for wildlife lovers and the vibrant corals are bursting with spectacular marine life. If you want to appreciate these glorious creatures in their natural habitat, the best way is with a diving trip! Eco-friendly dive tours operate all around Bali, but for beginners the best place is Amed.

Diving near Lembongan island, Indonesia
Diving near Lembongan island, Indonesia

The calm waters and gentle currents in this area mean conditions are ideal even for first-time divers and there are several excellent dive sites nearby. Explore coral gardens and sunken wrecks, all while swimming among scores of tropical marine species.

Join a voluntary beach cleanup

Bali’s problem with plastic pollution is no secret, as anyone who’s seen the accumulation of trash on the beaches after high tide will know. This issue, exacerbated by inadequate waste management systems and increasing tourism, is threatening to strangle Bali’s fragile marine ecosystems. Organisations such One Island One Voice are leading the way in Bali when it comes to the cleanup effort and are working hard to raise awareness.

Bias Tugel Beach, Indonesia
Bias Tugel Beach, Indonesia

By taking progressive steps towards more sustainable waste management, we can help to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. If you want to give something back and help to restore Bali’s beauty, consider joining a volunteer beach cleanup during your trip. Groups like the Bali Beach Cleanup Community can be found island-wide and are doing fantastic work to clear the clutter from Bali’s shores!

Go hiking and trekking in Bali

Bali’s rugged, diverse landscape is begging to be explored and the best way to do so is on foot. Hiking in Bali gives you your best chance to see some of the island’s flora and fauna up close. It’s also the only way to reach some of those more secluded beauty spots, so get walking!

Trekking in Bali allows you to get totally lost in nature, giving you a far greater chance of seeing the native animals. Keep an eye out for monkeys and exotic birds as you explore jungles, waterfalls and volcanoes. But where can you go for the most gorgeous scenery and epic views in Bali?

However, you should make sure to act responsibly and respect the island’s nature and wildlife during your hiking adventures.

There are lots of opportunities for hiking and trekking in Bali.

There are lots of opportunities for hiking and trekking in Bali:

Mt Batur

Hike to the summit of Mt Batur and witness the sunrise from atop the island’s second highest volcano. This moderate trek takes around three hours each way and the views of the surrounding mountains, lake and lava fields are spectacular. Expect to see monkeys up there, so keep your bag closed and your possessions close!

Munduk Waterfalls

Immerse yourself in the tropical greenery of Bali’s jungles with a trek to the Munduk Waterfalls, located in the central region of the island. This lesser-visited area is brimming with natural beauty and the towering falls are simply spectacular. Prepare yourself for a calf-shedding climb up and down the hundreds of steep stone steps and keep an eye out for monkeys!

The Munduk Waterfalls are a sensational trekking destination in Bali.The Munduk Waterfalls are a sensational trekking destination in Bali.

  • Mt. Agung

If you conquered Batur without breaking a sweat, step things up with a hike up Agung. Bali’s tallest peak stands at over 3000 m and it takes around 6 hours to reach the summit. The trail here is steeper and more difficult, but hikers will be rewarded with glorious panoramic views of Bali’s dramatic landscape.

Visit the West Bali National Park

The northwesterly part of Bali is home to the island’s only national park, which should feature highly on the bucket list of any nature lover. The landscape of the West Bali National Park is diverse, ranging from white sand beaches and sweeping savannah to dense tropical jungle. Whether you want to snorkel, hike, or relax on your own private beach, this beautifully conserved region has it all. Take a trekking and bird watching trip and see if you can catch a glimpse of the endangered Bali Starling!

Visit the West Bali National Park to experience the best of Bali's wildlife.
Visit the West Bali National Park to experience the best of Bali’s wildlife.

Check out Bali Sharks

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to get a close-up look t some of Bali’s more badass marine life, take a trip to Bali Sharks on Serangan island. This charity rescue centre works hard to conserve Bali’s population of reef sharks. Visit their Marine Garden, Turtle Conservation Center and Shark Nursery and learn more about their mission from their knowledgeable staff. Bali Sharks even offers the opportunity to swim among and feed the sharks in a safe environment, for the ultimate eco-experience during your trip!

Go off the beaten path in Bali…

Discover the Sambangan Secret Garden

Sambangan Village (AKA The Sambangan Secret Garden) is a secluded oasis of tranquillity located in the north of Bali. This untouched corner of paradise is a spectacular place to explore and appreciate Bali’s incredible natural beauty. Trek through the jungle to seek out awe-inspiring waterfalls and the blue lagoon, where you can drift and daydream for hours in the cool, clear water.

S e c r e t G a r d e n Photo courtesy Photo location : Secret Garden, Sambangan Village, Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali Secret Garden offers a refreshing swim at such a well hidden site in village of northern Bali. When dry season comes, water is almost transclucent that you can see the bottom of the pool clearly. As the sun starts to radiate through this secret garden, here we can relax and swim. To get here, when you reach Sambangan, go towards direction to Banyumala river. If you still want to continue your journey, after you go up and walk around 20 minutes, you will pass by four waterfalls. Hashtag your photos with us to get featured LIKE US ON FACEBOOK THEBALIGUIDELINE ■ TWITTER 😚😧😔 😫😲 😀😶 #trip #instatravel #travelingram #paradise #traveller #traveltheworld #pesonaindonesia #travelphoto #mytripmyadventure #ubud #folkindonesia #kuta #passportready #gilitrawangan #explorelombok #canggu #tanahlot #bali🌴 #balidaily #jimbaran #jalan2men #liburanbali #thebaliguideline #kompasnusantara #visitbali #nusapenida #aircrew #wonderfullombok #indonesialebihkece #baliyoga 😐😠 😖😷😫 😲😱 😒😠

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This little-known corner of Bali’s northern region is beautifully preserved and is the perfect place to go trekking. With over 7 spectacular waterfalls hidden among the dense jungle foliage, the Sambangan Secret Garden is a nature-lovers dream. Strap on your hiking boots and set out to discover Sambangan’s magical beauty during your trip to Bali!

Green eating in Bali

Earth Cafe

Where? Ubud

The Earth Cafe in Ubud is the ultimate place for clean eating with a menu that is 1005 organic and plant-based. Their delicious vegan dishes are all lovingly made from locally sourced organic ingredients, benefitting your body, local farmers and the global environment! Pop in for avocado toast, vegan pizza, or one of their vibrant and nutritious smoothie bowls if you happen to be in Ubud.

Head to Earth Cafe in Ubud for something fresh and organic.
Head to Earth Cafe in Ubud for something fresh and organic.
Bali Eco Deli

Where? Nusa Lembongan

The Bali Eco Deli is one of the most popular places to dine in Nusa Lembongan, thanks to their fresh and healthy salads, smoothies, soups and desserts. Only organic, fair-trade ingredients are used at Bali Eco Deli, so stop in to try one of their homemade brownies!


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Yellow Flower Cafe

Where? Ubud

The picturesque Yellow Flower Cafe in Ubud serves simple, yet beautifully presented, healthy dishes. These delicious meals are all prepared using organic, locally sourced ingredients and they have exceptional vegetarian and vegan options. Try one of their refreshing smoothies, which are bursting with flavour and fruits.

It is easy to find healthy, eco-friendly food in Bali.
It is easy to find healthy, eco-friendly food in Bali.

Where? Canggu

Swich in Canggu not only sells the best sandwiches in Bali (and possibly southeast Asia) but their ecophilosophy is also on point. Swich has put a complete end to plastics; even their drinking straws are constructed from biodegradable cassava. Pop in for a POW and one of their fresh, healthy juices if you’re in Canggu.


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Divine Earth

Where? Seminyak

Divine Earth’s artisanal menu showcases a sensational combination of clean eating and fine dining and is a must for eco-conscious foodies in Bali. Splash the cash and treat yourself to one of their raw, vegan dishes, all expertly conceived and created by macrobiotic chef Liat Solomon. All of Divine Earth’s food is organic, nutritious, sustainably sourced, cruelty-free and environmentally sourced.


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Best Eco-Resorts and Retreats in Bali

Puri Dajuma – Beach Eco Resort and Spa

Where? Pekutatan, West Bali

Located on the very edge of the West Bali National Park is the Puri Dajuma Beach Eco-resort, a secluded haven out in the heart of nature. Surrounded by lush jungle and edging onto pristine white sand beaches, Puri Dajuma has the best of both Bali’s worlds.

Outdoorsy types will love their range of free activities, which include surfing, yoga, paddle-boarding and kayaking. If you simply want to relax and enjoy the serenity of nature, take advantage of Puri Dajuma’s idyllic location and hit the beach. Alternatively, you can make use of their luxurious spa facilities and indulge in one of their massage or beauty treatments.

Prui Dajuma's beachside location is unbeatable.
Puri Dajuma’s beachside location is unbeatable.

Puri Dajuma guests stay in comfortable eco-accommodation and can enjoy access to a wide range of amenities. This stunning resort has not one but TWO infinity pools, not to mention a jacuzzi and access to 20km of unspoiled beaches.

Aquaria Hotel and Eco-resort

Where? Candidasa

Situated in the peaceful seaside town of Candidasa is the Aquaria Eco-resort, a perfect place to relax in beachside bliss. Aquaria’s ocean-facing rooms and pool are just meters from the water’s edge, so you can chill to the rhythmic sound of the waves. With spectacular views and a peaceful ambience, Aquaria creates the ultimate relaxing environment for your retreat into nature.

Give your wellness a reboot during your visit to Bali with a trip to Aquaria’s Inner Temple Spa. This traditional Balinese spa offers a range of luxurious treatments, all expertly performed using organic natural oils. Aquaria’s restaurant also serves a variety of organic and healthy dishes, so you can treat your body inside and out!


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Bali Ecostay

Where? Kanciana Village, Central Bali

Immerse yourself in nature and a purer way of living with a trip to Bali Ecostay. This green sanctuary is as educational as it is cleansing and guests can learn about permaculture, traditional Balinese life and tropical food forests during their stay.

Immerse yourself in nature with a trip to Bali Ecostay
Immerse yourself in nature with a trip to Bali Ecostay

For the adventurous traveller, the Bali Ecostay is located in the heart of its own jungle playground. Explore the surrounding landscape to discover jungle waterfalls and clear, freshwater pools to bathe and daydream in. Ecostay organizes a variety of activities to bring guests together, including trekking expeditions, yoga and meditation classes and craft workshops. To see more of Bali during your visit, take one of their day tours to notable landmarks around the island.

If your goals are to cleanse and rejuvenate, enjoy a Balinese massage and relax in your stunning, open-air jungle bungalow.

Villa Umah Daun – Umalas

Escape into the countryside and immerse yourself in Bali’s glorious nature by renting a private villa during your stay on the island. Villa Umah Daun can be found amidst miles of rolling rice fields, 5 kilometres away from the thriving areas of Kuta and Seminyak. This is the perfect way to appreciate all things green in Bali and escape the noise and excesses of life in the towns!