Top 7 Things To Do in Off The Beaten Path in Bali

Things to do off the beaten path in Bali: Finding unique experiences in Bali can make your time on the island feel truly special. Venture away from the tourist trail; read on for the top things to do off the beaten path in Bali!

Visiting Bali is a dream for thousands, so you’ve probably already seen the most popular places in the form of a million Instagram shots. Want your time in Bali to be totally unique? Perhaps you’ve visited before and are ready to explore beyond the busy areas in the south, or maybe crowds simply aren’t your thing. Either way, there’s plenty to do on the Island of the Gods outside of Kuta, Ubud and Seminyak.

So how can you find those special experiences off the main tourist trail in Bali? Read on for the best things to do off the beaten path in Bali, for an adventure like no other!

Finding things to do off the beaten path in Bali may be easier than you think!
Finding things to do off the beaten path in Bali may be easier than you think!

Snorkel to explore the underwater temples of the Nusa Islands

Where? Ceningan Channel (accessible from Nusa Lembongan)

Alternative experiences don’t have to happen on dry land! Explore the lesser visited regions of Bali’s oceans with a visit to the underwater temple near Nusa Lembongan. This enchanting marine garden includes Buddhas, stupas and many smaller statues, and can be found in the Nusa Ceningan channel. A rarely-advertised attraction in Bali, this mystical spot isn’t often featured in snorkeling trips from the island. This means that finding a way to get there can be an adventure in itself! If you want to swim among the statues, you may need to ask around the local guides when you arrive in Nusa Lembongan

Off the beaten path of the ocean floor: explore the underwater temple near Nusa Lembongan in Bali.
Off the beaten path of the ocean floor: explore the underwater temple near Nusa Lembongan in Bali.

Take a cooking class at Bali Asli

Where? Karangasem

What better way to bring a little of Bali home than by learning how to prepare some traditional dishes? Bali is flush with cooking schools, classes and courses, so finding somewhere to pick up some new skills is easy.

If you’re searching for something unique, however, there’s only one place to go. Bali Asli, located in Gelumpang Village, offers an unbeatably varied and interesting culinary experience.

Their one-of-a-kind ‘day in the life of…’ classes give you the chance to immerse yourself in traditional Balinese culture by adopting the lifestyle of a farmer, fisher or local lady. Learn how to plant rice, fish from a canoe, cook over an open fire and expertly prepare some of Bali’s most popular traditional dishes. A class at Bali Asli is the best way to find out more about the food culture of Bali while gaining tasty new cooking skills!

Take a cultural tour of Kedisan Village

Where? Kedisan Village (Kintamani)
Explore Bali's traditional culture with a tour of Kedisan Village.
Explore Bali’s traditional culture with a tour of Kedisan Village.

If you want to deepen your understanding of ancient Balinese culture and traditions during your stay, pay a trip to Kedisan Village in the north of Bali. Here you can gain an insight into the lives and customs of the local Balinese people with a fascinating tour of this ancient village and its surroundings. Aside from spending a day in the most spectacular of scenery, you’ll have the chance to learn from knowledgeable and passionate guides about the villagers and their history. The tour includes several outdoor activities, including canoeing and cycling through breathtaking nature. The best part is that all proceeds go to the local primary school and community!

Delve into Goa Maya Cave

Where? Bayad Village (near Tegallalang)

For a thrilling off the beaten path adventure in Bali, make sure you take time to explore Goa Maya Cave. This sprawling labyrinth of underground tunnels can be found in Bayan Village and visitors must first trek through the jungle to reach it. Hiring a local guide is advisable, as the complex network of tunnels extends an impressive 2000 m!

These tunnels are thought to have been built around 750 years ago and originally formed the irrigation system for the nearby rice paddies. Heavily connected with the traditional culture of the Balinese and their deep respect for the earth, Goa Maya has a mystical atmosphere. Seek out the shrine within, where locals still come to pray and many claim to feel a powerful, spiritual energy.

View the treasures at the Atlas Pearl Farm

Where? Penyabangan Village (near Pemuteran)
Ever wonder how pearls are made? Visit the Atlas Pearl Farm in Bali!
Ever wonder how pearls are made? Visit the Atlas Pearl Farm in Bali!

Did you ever wonder how pearls are made? Find out at the Atlas Pearl Farm, for a surprising insight into Bali’s pearl industry. From breeding to seeding to harvest, you can learn about every step of the production process with a fascinating tour of the facility.

Guests can visit the hatchery while learning more about the eco-friendly processes of pearl culture at Atlas Farm. Afterward, you can marvel at the finished products in their sensational showroom. Their spectacular pieces are all elegantly designed and incorporate pearls of every size and colour. The exquisite pearls range from the ‘common’ white pearl to the rarer black, green and pink.

Wander around Bali’s abandoned theme park

Where? Sanur

Places get way cooler once they’ve been abandoned (just look at Bali’s Boeings), and nowhere more so than theme parks.

For a creepy/awesome experience off the beaten path in Bali, make sure you pay a visit to Taman Festival. Once a thriving family entertainment facility, this dilapidated theme park now rusts quietly on the outskirts of Sanur. The rides may be long-silent, the pleasure-seekers departed, but the bones of the theme park remain amidst an overgrowth of tropical foliage. Come for the spooky atmosphere and leave with some incredible photographs, for an unusual (and unmissable) experience in Bali.

Take a hike through West Bali National Park

Where? Northwest Bali

Bali’s only national park covers much of the northwestern part of the island. Despite accounting for such a large chunk of the island, the

West Bali National Park isn’t on the itinerary for many visitors to Bali. This makes it the perfect place to hike and trek while escaping the holiday crowds of the south!

Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park.
Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park.

This large conservation area covers a range of landscapes, from mountains and jungles to white-sand beaches along the coast. To escape into Bali’s stunning natural beauty and enjoy some adventure time on the island, check out the various trails you can explore. Thriving populations of tropical bird species inhabit the park, making bird watching a popular pastime here. If you’re very lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the critically endangered Bali Starling while you’re there!