Romantic Couple’s Guide to Bali

Bali is a top destination for loved-up couples and sets the scene for thousands of weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaways. The island has boundless opportunities for fun activities, no matter what kind of couple you are. From trekking through lush jungle to swimming among Mantas, Bali has everything for your dream lovers’ vacation.

Gili Islands

Note that as in September 2018 Gili islands remain unsafe after the Lombok earthquake. More information here

The Gilis are three small islands off Balis East coast. Technically part of Lombok, this trio of white-sand paradises are a popular destination among visitors to Balis mainland. Each island  (Trawangan, Meno and Air) has its own vibe and range of activities. Where you visit can depend entirely on what kind of couple you are, but many people choose to island-hop from Gili to Gili. Party on Trawangan, relax on Air, or get loved-up on Meno – here are the most romantic (and fun) things to see and do on the Gilis.

Some of the most romantic sunsets can be seen from Gili Trawangan.
Some of the most romantic sunsets can be seen from Gili Trawangan.

Romantic things to see and do in the Gili Islands

Swim with the sea turtles on Gili Trawangan

 Gili Trawangan (more commonly known as Gili T) is the best place in the region to spot sea turtles. Rent a mask and snorkel to observe these magical sea creatures feeding among the coral, for an unforgettable romantic experience. Sea turtles in this area are used to the presence of people, so feel free to take a closer look. Don’t be tempted to touch, however, as disturbing the sea turtles can cause changes to their feeding habits.

Gili Trawangan is one of the best areas in the region for spotting sea turtles.
Gili Trawangan is one of the best areas in the region for spotting sea turtles.
Go diving on Gili Air

 Gili Air is known for having excellent scuba and freediving opportunities. If it’s your first time, the clear, calm waters around the island are the perfect place to try out the sport. Divers can see dozens of incredible marine species, including turtles, stingrays, clownfish, reef sharks and more.

Hang out on the dream beaches of Gili Meno

 Gili Meno is known locally as the ‘honeymoon’ island, so called for its popularity among romantic couples. With romantic accommodation, breathtaking sunsets and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s no wonder so many couples choose Meno for their break in paradise. The beaches on Meno are truly idyllic, with pristine white sand and inviting blue ocean. There’s no better place for sunset with your loved one than Gili Meno Beach, where you can relax with a Bintang in hand. 

Gili Meno has beautiful, white sand beaches.
Gili Meno has beautiful, white sand beaches.
Try paddleboarding
Padddle boarding in bali can be a lot of fun!
Padddle boarding can be a lot of fun!

The smooth, calm waters around the Gili islands create the perfect conditions for paddle boarding. If you’ve never tried it before this warm, shallow sea is the ideal place to do so. Paddleboarding is a fun way to pass an afternoon together on any of the three Gilis.

Off the beaten track…

Check out the underwater statues off Gili Air

For a fun and offbeat adventure together, take a diving trip off Gili Air to see the underwater statues. This slightly eerie marine garden is comprised of 48 human-like statues and is a definite must-see while you’re in Air. This creepy collection is the work of artist Jason DeCaires Taylor and is one of many worldwide exhibits. The purpose of this project was to create an environment to promote coral growth, in an attempt to boost the dwindling reef.

Best romantic restaurants in the Gili Islands

Casa Vintage Beach – Gili Trawangan

Casa Vintage Beach is the ultimate in al fresco dining, with gorgeous driftwood furniture set right out on the sand. Come here at any time of day to enjoy their delicious Caribbean menu in exquisite surroundings. Dine in the shady seating area at lunch and return for sunset for cocktails in this stunning seafront setting.

Many beachside restaurants in Gili Trawangan have sensational views of Mt. Agung
Many beachside restaurants in Gili Trawangan have sensational views of Mt. Agung
MAHAMAYA – Gili Meno

If you’re holidaying in Gili Meno, make your way to MAHAMAYA for the island’s best-rated dining experience. This beachfront, bamboo restaurant offers a range of exquisite seafood and European dishes in romantic settings overlooking the ocean – perfect!


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Dolcemare Restaurant – Gili Air

For truly authentic Italian food head to Dolcemare in Gili Air. Perfect pasta, fabulous cocktails and sensational seafood dishes have earned this restaurant a glowing reputation, so stop by and check it out!


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The seaside town of Candidasa is located in Eastern Bali and is a little-known paradise for romantic couples. Candidasa is still a little off the beaten track in Bali but is definitely one of the island’s up-and-coming areas. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this secluded retreat, where you can visit several sites of natural beauty and cultural interest. In the evening, enjoy fine dining and cocktails by the ocean before retiring to your own private, luxury villa.

Romantic things to see and do in Candidasa

Visit the Goa Lawah (bat cave) Temple

The Goa Lawah ‘bat cave’ temple is a must-see during your trip to Candidasa. This holy site is built around a cave opening, which is home to thousands of bats. This spectacular and ancient temple is the first stop for many visitors to Candidasa and definitely worth checking out.

Visit the Goa Luwah 'bat cave' temple in Candidasa.
Visit the Goa Luwah ‘bat cave’ temple in Candidasa.
Check out Pura Lempuyang

The ancient mountain temple of Lempuyang is a highlight for adventurous couples. Although the hike to the top can be tough going, the views from the temple make it all worthwhile. This is a great spot to view Mt. Agung and the temple itself makes for some seriously Insta-worthy snaps, too.

Walk around the Candidasa Lotus Lagoon

The Candidasa Lotus Lagoon is one of the area’s best-known attractions and is well worth a visit while you’re in town. This large, freshwater lagoon is situated on the edge of town and is a peaceful and beautiful place to wander.

The Lotus Lagoon in Candidasa is a romantic place for a wander.
The Lotus Lagoon in Candidasa is a romantic place for a wander.
Go on a romantic couples diving
Exploring the underwater world with your soulmate is just amazing!
Exploring the underwater world with your soulmate is just amazing!

Candidasa is one of Bali’s best spots for snorkelling and diving, particularly around the three nearby Gili islands. Gili Tepekong, Mimpang and Biaha are less well-known than the Gili Islands or Lombok but have plenty to offer adventurous travellers. The currents around here can be quite strong, however, so the area’s best for more experienced divers.

Off the beaten track…

Head to Pasir Putih, the ‘hidden’ beach

Getting to Pasir Putih is an adventure in itself and involves some precarious navigation down a bumpy dirt road from Perasi Village to the coast.

The best spots are always a bit of a pain in the ass to get to, however, and Pasir Putih is no exception. This hidden stretch of coastline is a secluded paradise, with pearly-white sand and irresistibly calm, clear water. The beach is easily reachable from Candidasa and is an unbeatable location for a romantic and exclusive day together.

Pasir Putih 'hidden' beach is a must-see in Candidasa.
Pasir Putih ‘hidden’ beach is a must-see in Candidasa.

Best romantic restaurants in Candidasa


Vincent’s Bar and Restaurant is a favourite among couples visiting Candidasa. Known for its jazz music and cozy, outdoor seating, Vincent’s is a great place to grab dinner or a drink in the evening.


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Warung Lu Putu

Warung Lu Putu is the place to go for exceptional Balinese Cuisine and a fine dining experience in Candidasa. The tranquil garden seating area has a relaxed and romantic ambience, perfect for sharing time with your partner.


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The Hungry Crocodile

For cozy late-night cocktails and tasty food, couples should check out The Hungry Crocodile. Fresh, delicious food AND live music make this the perfect spot for date night, and you may find yourself returning more than once!


Ubud is a loved-up couple’s paradise, with more romantic restaurants and beauty spots than anywhere else in Bali. Whether you want to relax or explore, this peaceful town has plenty to keep you occupied. From fine dining to hiking, here are the best places to visit during your romantic trip to Ubud.

Romantic things to see and do in Ubud

Visit Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall is located 10 km outside of Ubud, next to Tegenungan Village. The lush surrounding scenery and crystal clear cascades make this waterfall perfect for cooling off during the midday heat, so you should definitely pay a visit while you’re in town. Bathe in one of the refreshing pools before exploring the forest scenery around the waterfall together.

Tegenungan waterfall is a great place to cool off during the day.
Tegenungan waterfall is a great place to cool off during the day.

Treat yourselves with a wellness experience

Ubud is a hub of health and wellness services, perfect for unwinding on your holiday. For a rejuvenating experience in the heart of nature, head to Como Shambhala while you’re in Ubud. This luxurious wellness retreat is nestled among acres of lush, green jungle, and offers a wide range of healing spa treatments.

Rent a luxury villa

Escape the world on your romantic trip to Bali and rent a luxury villa in the heart of Ubud. With sumptuously designed sleeping quarters and your own private pool, these sensational villas are the perfect place for an intimate vacation to Bali. Ubud’s villas are surrounded by miles of greenery yet are centrally located, so you won’t have to venture far to find food, drinks and shopping opportunities.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is the ideal place for a romantic stroll first thing in the morning. This easy hike follows a paved path over the Campuhan Ridge and passes through rice fields and green jungle foliage. Sunrise is the best (and quietest) time to take in the sweeping views of the scenery from the trail. Breakfast can easily be found afterwards in one of the cosy cafes at the trails’ end.

Hike Mt. Batur at sunrise
This is one of the most romantic hiking experiences in bali
This is one of the most romantic hiking experiences in bali

Mt. Batur is just a short journey from Ubud and is one of the region’s most popular attractions. Hike through the night to reach the summit before sunrise, and take in sensational views from the peak together.

Soak in volcanic hot springs

What better way to rest those tired muscles after your hike than with a soak in a natural volcanic hot spring? This soothing spa is just a 15-minute drive from Batur, so it’s the perfect place to unwind once you’ve reached the bottom.

Off the beaten track…

Visit the Saraswati Water Palace (‘Lotus Temple’)

When it comes to water temples around Ubud, most people think of Tirta Empul (which is also totally worth checking out, by the way). But Ubud is home to many stunning temples, and the most romantic of these is surely Saraswati, AKA the Lotus Temple.

You can't help but take myriard of pictures in this beautiful temple
You can’t help but take myriards of pictures in this beautiful temple

This sensational example of traditional Balinese architecture is located in the heart of Ubud, just a little off the main road. Visitors will be delighted with the picturesque pond in front of the palace, which is filled with the flowers for which the temple is named. Visit when the lotus are in bloom to get the best of their gorgeous pink petals as you explore the water palace.

Best romantic restaurants in Ubud

Bridges Bali

Scenic riverside views from the dining area and exceptional Indonesian food have put Bridges on the map. Head over for lunch to view the forest scenery while you enjoy fine-dining in this romantic, breezy restaurant.

Bridges Bali Restaurant.

Bridges Bali Restaurant. Image source:


Situated in a quiet location on the outskirts of Ubud is CasCades, an up-market restaurant with breathtaking jungle views. CasCades serves a range of international and Indonesian dishes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant also features a stunning infinity pool, where you can sip cocktails and relax after your meal.


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Kubu at Mandapa

Kubu at Mandapa is rated no.1 of all Ubud’s restaurants, so it’s the first place you should check out in town. Kubu serves exceptional European cuisine, in the most romantic and intimate surroundings. You and your loved one enjoy a fine dining experience in your own private cocoon overlooking the river, for a magical evening together.



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