Insiders Guide to Amed: Incredible Marine Eco-systems

Insiders Guide to Amed: Who should go to Amed and what are the best things to see, do and eat in town? Here are the best dive sites, activities & restaurants in the area.

What is Amed known for?

The beachside town of Amed is set out along a sprawling section of Bali’s northern coastline and is best known for its excellent diving opportunities. A little off the main tourist trail, this quiet and peaceful area is also a great place to come to relax and take a yoga retreat. Amed also has plenty to offer the adventurous traveller, with incredible marine ecosystems and dramatic landscapes to explore. While it may not have the white sand beaches of Bali’s southern region, Amed’s coastline boasts spectacular views of the recently-erupted Mt. Agung.

The beautiful coastline of Amed is a dream for divers, freedivers, and snorkelers.
The beautiful coastline of Amed is a dream for divers, freedivers and snorkelers.
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Who should go to Amed?

The abundance of watersport opportunities and vibrant coral reefs in Amed make it a top pick for divers, snorkelers and freedivers. Its peaceful atmosphere and incredible sunsets are also a big draw for romantic couples and honeymooners. Yogis love Amed for its tranquil ambiance and adventurers for the rugged landscape surrounding it.

Dive in the magical settings of the underwater Amed
Dive in the magical settings of the underwater Amed

When should you go to Amed?

For the weather

The weather in Amed is slightly cooler than in Bali’s southern regions, averaging between 25 – 27 C (77 – 81 F). The warmest time of year to visit is between December and February, but this is when the region sees the most rainfall. If clear blue skies are what you’re after, visit Amed in  August or September.

The weather in Amed is sunniest in July and August.
The weather in Amed is sunniest in July and August.
To beat the crowds

Amed is a little off the main tourist trail in Bali and doesn’t see anywhere near the kind of traffic you;’ll experience in the south. The town experiences most of its tourism in July and August, however, when accommodation prices will spike. Visit in May, June or September for smaller crowds and cheaper travel.

For diving

Amed is well known for its many cool dive sites, but when are diving conditions optimal on Bali’s northern coast? Head to Amed from April to July or October to November for the best visibility and to avoid the crowds of Bali’s high season.

Things to see and do in Amed

Snorkel and dive the wrecks
Go diving at the UST Liberty Wreck site in Amed.
Go diving at the UST Liberty Wreck site in Amed.[email protected]/12605255543/

Amed is home to some unique dive sites, from coral gardens to shipwrecks. The most famous of these is the USAT Liberty wreck, a site of incredible marine biodiversity. The calm waters around Amed make diving here accessible for everyone, from advanced divers to absolute beginners. Lucky explorers can swim among manta rays, sea turtles and hundreds of species of vibrant tropical fish off Amed’s coast with a diving trip or course. Try it out while you’re in Amed for an unforgettable experience of Bali’s amazing marine ecosystems.

Watch the sunset at the Jemeluk Viewpoint

When the sun begins to set, head up to the sunset viewpoint at Jemeluk Bay for the best views in Amed. The sweeping views of the bay, with its azure waters and the towering Mt. Agung in the background, are incredible and best enjoyed with a cold Bintang.

Jemeluk Bay has stunning views of Mt. Agung at sunset.
Jemeluk Bay has stunning views of Mt. Agung at sunset.
Try freediving

Fancy trying something new during your trip to Amed? Check out the local opportunities for freediving, to learn more about the mental and physical challenges of this exhilarating sport. Local schools such as Apneista offer classes for all levels, from total beginners all the way up to freediving masterclasses.

Take a yoga class

The tranquil town of Amed is the perfect location for a rejuvenating yoga retreat. Studios in the area offer daily classes suitable for all levels of yogi, with teachings in everything from Hatha to Vinyasa flow. Benefit from Amed’s serenity by immersing yourself in a yoga retreat during your stay, or try something new with a drop-in class!

Climb to the summit of Mt. Agung

The recently-erupted Mt. Agung is visible from Jemeluk Bay in Amed and is easily accessible from the town. Standing at a little over 3000 m and with a steep, challenging route, this active volcano represents the biggest hiking challenge you’ll find in Bali.

It takes 6 -7 hours to reach the summit, making this roughly a 12 hour round trip. While you don’t need to be an expert hiker to complete the trail, it isn’t one for those who get winded climbing the stairs. Time your ascent for sunrise and the most breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape from the peak.

Visit the Tirta Gangga water temple

Bali’s most famous water temple is located just a short drive from Amed and is a must-do for visitors to the area. Formerly a royal palace, this grand temple sits amongst beautiful pools, fountains and ponds, and features incredible sculptures and architecture.

Hop along the stepping stones, bathe in the cool, clear waters of the temple pools, or simply stroll and admire the scenery. Tirta Gangga is a great place to learn more about the religious and cultural history of Bali, whilst getting some great snaps for your Instagram!

The Tirta Gangga water palace is a must-visit in Bali.
The Tirta Gangga water palace is a must-visit in Bali.

Off the beaten path…

View the underwater gallery at Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk Bay is home to a unique and cause-worthy tourist attraction that you must check out while you’re in Amed: the underwater sculpture garden of Jemeluk Bay. This undersea garden was created in an effort to regenerate the coral reef ecosystem of the area, and is a wonderful place to snorkel! These unique sculptures create the ideal home for fish and coral in the area and include a mermaid, a baby’s head and the Hindu god Ganesha.

Snorkel close to the mystical underwater sculpture garden at Jemeluk Bay in Amed. 5
Snorkel close to the mystical underwater sculpture garden at Jemeluk Bay in Amed.

The first of these ‘living sculptures’ (a mailbox) was installed in 2011 by local artist Wayan WInten, and the garden has seen several additions since then.

Rent a snorkel and don your flippers to explore the area and to see the sea life thriving in a quirky, eco-friendly new home.

Where to eat in Amed

Warung Enak Amed

For traditional Balinese food and Western dishes made with fresh, local ingredients, eat at Warung Enak while you’re in Amed. Their friendly staff, reasonable prices and delicious meals make them one of the most popular places to dine in Amed, and their milkshakes are excellent!

Sails Restaurant

With excellent food and amazing views of the ocean, Sails Restaurant is one of the most picturesque in Amed. Try out their fresh seafood and Western dishes and pick something refreshing and tasty from their cocktail menu to accompany your meal.

Warung Celagi

This highly popular restaurant in Amed in situated right on the edge of the beach and is ideal for lunchtime. The food is deliciously authentic, the seafood fresh and the beer ice-cold – perfect for when you want to escape the midday heat!

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Where to stay in Amed

For snorkelling

If you came to Amed to experience the marine life around these parts, stay near Jemeluk Beach for the best snorkelling opportunities. This area not only has beautiful corals and an abundance of fish, but there are also plenty of cafes and warungs nearby for when you get hungry.

Accommodation near Jemeluk Beach:

For sunbathing and water sports

Jemeluk Bay may be great for snorkelling, but the pebbly beach isn’t so comfortable to lie on. If you want to stretch out on black, volcanic sand, rent a villa near the beautiful Lipah Beach. This area still has good places to snorkel, but you’re less likely to hurt your feet getting in and out of the water! The nearby restaurants offer exceptional food and drinks and there are lots of opportunities for water sports around the bay.

Accommodation near Lipah Beach: