Luxury Guide to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the destination that can stimulate all your senses, because of all the beauty that it has on offer. The palm-fringed beaches in the Southern provinces are ideal for sunbathing, surfing, snorkelling and deep sea diving, while numerous local restaurants, luxe accommodation and luxury spas will whisk you to the sweetest escape. All in all, Sri Lanka is the destination where you can experience luxury on a budget, enjoying the best what a tropical destination might offer without spending a fortune.

Best areas for luxury travel in Sri Lanka


If you are looking to experience urban luxury and city life in Sri Lanka, then the commercial capital of Colombo is the place you need to head to. The mix of cultures that you can experience in this city has made it a must-see destination. Colombo will be an excellent place for you to kick start or end your stay in Sri Lanka. From constantly adapting itself to new developments and staying true to its roots, Colombo is definitely the spot that will give you an all-around, one-stop Sri Lankan experience.

luxury travel in colombo
Colombo never fails to impress in the luxury department as the capital of the country

The architecture of the city is amazing with its mix of high rise buildings interspersed with colonial structures which end up giving you a unique blend of the past and the present. And there are plenty of places that you can visit, which will give you the perfect insight into this commercial hub.

Key Places to visit in Colombo

  • Colombo Fort
  • World Trade Center
  • Dutch Hospital
  • House of Fashion
  • Liberty Plaza
  • Galle Face Hotel
  • Shangri La
  • The Kingsbury
  • Mount Lavinia Hotel

Luxury things to do in Colombo

  • Play a round of golf at the superb Royal Colombo Golf Club.
  • Shop til you drop at one of the many sleek shopping malls and department stores around Colombo. Browse high-fashion brands at Trunk or pick up some elegant jewels at Unique Jewels for something special to remember your trip by.
  • Indulge in a luxurious massage at one of Colombo’s boutique spas, which have everything from Swedish to Shiatsu treatments.
  • Take a private tuk-tuk safari through the streets of Colombo, to experience the capital city in true Sri Lankan style.


luxury travel bentota
Why not visit a beach-side resort or stay in a luxury villa near the Bentota beach?

Shaded with numerous palm trees, the landscape of this coastal city makez it one of the most scenic places in the country. Places that you have to visit during your stay here include:

  • Brief Garden
  • Galapata Raja Temple
  • Kechimalai Mosque

Luxury things to do in Bentota

  • Book a private watersports adventure on the Bentota Lagoon. Choose from a series of combination packages to try out several watersports and take your own exclusive safari among the mangroves. Afterward, you can enjoy a 2-hour catamaran trip and end the day with a sunset drink on the beach – perfect!
  • Take an exclusive whale watching tour around Mirissa from the comfort of your own, private speedboat. Witness blue whales, sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat, while luxuriating in the ultimate, relaxing atmosphere of your own private vessel!
  • Rent a fabulous luxury villa for a taste of the high life in Bentota.
luxury holiday villa in bentota
Luxury holiday villa Araliya by Eats & Retreats in Bentota.


Unawatuna Sri Lanka
A luxury experience at Unawatuna can be very rewarding

A southern coastal town known for its coral reef and palm-lined beaches, Unawatuna is by far the most visited seaside urban area in the region.

Luxury activities in Unawatuna include

  • See the whales aboard your own private catamaran, with a luxury cruise from Unawatuna.
  • Take a private guided wildlife tour to see whales, crocodiles, buffalo, elephants and more
  • Hire a professional chef to cook you a sumptuous meal in the comfort of your own private luxury villa.

Other things to do include:

  • Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Whale watching
  • Visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Check out the turtle sanctuary


luxury guide to sri lanka
Deep sea diving at Hikkaduwa is one of the most famous activities in the region

A popular destination since forever in Sri Lanka, this idyllic coastal town offers some of the best beach experiences you will ever have.

Luxury things to do in Hikkaduwa

  • Take a private tour around Hikkaduwa to see the incredible wildlife and fascinating cultural sites in the area. Knowledgable and professional guides can take all the stress of planning off your hands, so you can relax and enjoy the attractions on offer.
  • Book yourself in for some indulgent treatments at one of Hikkaduwa’s luxurious boutique spas.
  • Treat yourself to some divine jewels from Global Gems and Jewellers.
  • Book yourself in for a full day of pampering at the luxurious Sanctuary Spa.

Other things to do in Hikkaduwa

  • Excursion on the Hikkaduwa Lake
  • Surfing
  • Parasailing
  • Visit the Gangarama Maha Viharaya
  • Enjoy some of the best seafood in town in restaurants like the Home Grown Rice and Curry

Arugam Bay

arugam bay
Arugam Bay is the perfect place for watersports lovers

Home to some of the best surfing spots in the world, this is your water sports paradise in Sri Lanka.

Luxury activities in Arugam Bay

Other things to do in Arugam Bay

  • Parasailing
  • Surf and chill
  • Climb up Elephant Rock
  • Bird watching at Kumana Bird Sanctuary


Luxury travelers love taking part in whale watching expeditions
Luxury travelers love taking part in whale watching expeditions

A coastal town that is ancient, yet beautiful, most people head towards the beautiful beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli when they are in Trincomalee.

Luxury things to do in Trincomalee

  • Take a romantic sunset dinner cruise from Dutch Bay Beach in Trincomalee.
  • Go an a private marine safari to see the dolphins and whales.
  • Take an aerial tour of the city and its coastline is your own private aircraft.

Other things to do in Trincomalee

  • Deep Sea Diving
  • Whale watching
  • Go on the giant loop cruise in Trincomalee
  • Watch the great elephant gathering in Minneriya

Luxurious activities in Sri Lanka

Is there anything luxurious than shopping for Gems & well-crafted Jewellery in Sri Lanka ?
Is there anything luxurious than shopping for Gems & well-crafted Jewellery in Sri Lanka ?

Fine gems

One of the reasons Sri Lanka is famous among the affluent is the country’s widespread reputation for fine gems & other precious stones. Gem merchants and collectors often go on a shopping spree when in the island for stones as the gems found in Sri Lanka are considered to be of superior grade since the ancient times.

Luxury accommodation

Tourists visiting Sri Lanka also love to stay at exquisite beach hotels and private villas such as Shangri La, Mount Lavinia Hotel, The Kingsbury and Cinnamon hotels solely for all the luxury experiences provided by these hotels. The dozens of luxury hotels in Sri Lanka offer a different set of tailored amenities based on the location of the hotel. Hikkaduwa luxury hotels are mostly inspired by the clubbing & nightlife of the area which is great news for the partygoers. For the person looking to reinvent one’s self in calm and quiet surroundings, there’s an array of luxury options to choose from such as tree houses in the middle of forests (A luxury hotel concept gaining popularity in the country) or resorts near conservation parks or simply the common beachside luxury hotels.

In addition, you can always opt for a stay in a luxury holiday villa that will entirely belong to you and your travel companions. Sri Lanka abounds with villas of this type: family friendly, beachfront and hidden in the jungles, featuring infinity pools and private cooking crews. Such an experience sits at the top of the luxury offerings you can try in Sri Lanka, although many properties are offering truly affordable rates.

Shopping malls

The most famous shopping malls in Sri Lanka offer luxury items at a discounted price targeting tourists. To illustrate, the finest grade of Tea can be found in Sri Lanka for very reasonable prices. That´s why, mant travelers from Europe & Middle East never miss taking a few pounds of the finest tea Sri Lanka has to offer when returning home.

In addition, here you can find a lot of international brands for significantly cheaper prices than in foreign countries: this is because many prominent brands use Sri Lankan apparel companies for the manufacturing of clothes.

If you are in for the trip solely for the adrenaline pump, there are so many activities in Sri Lanka that fit the bill. There are places for skydiving, deep sea diving, whale watching, hot air balloon rides and many more which are sure to leave you refreshed. High octane activities like surfing, parasailing, white water rafting are always a favourite among the adrenaline junkies.

Luxury villas in Sri Lanka