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Colombo and South West villas

Eats & Retreats features a curated portfolio of Colombo and South West private luxury villas & vacation rentals to rent for friends, families & large group holidays. We guarantee the best price and provide book-now service.


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Villa Saffron & Blue

Located on the beach in Ambalagonda, Colombo and South West. Villa Saffron & Blue is a tropical villa in Sri Lanka.

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Bentota Travel Guide

Bentota is located in the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka, approximately 60 kilometres from Colombo. Similar to the way other villages are named in Sri Lanka, Bentota traces the roots of its name to a mythological story, which has it that the region was ruled by a demon called ‘Ben’ who ruled the river referred to as ‘tota’ and so the name Bentota.

The peaceful village is a perfect sanctuary for those who seek a blissful holiday away from the crowds. There is much you can do here from exploring the temples located in the village to enjoying water sports in the lagoon, river and sea. Or you can even release a baby turtle into the water and watch it swimming away into the sea.

Attractions in Bentota

Water sports:

The wide span and the broad lagoon are a perfect playground for the water enthusiasts. You can try out various sports like water-skiing, diving, windsurfing, wave boarding, banana-boating speed boating, deep sea fishing and jet-skiing.

The large flat estuary at the mouth of the Bentota River ensures all year around safety for all water sports even during monsoons.

Sea turtles project:

The project is a step toward checking the decline in numbers of the marine turtles in the Sri Lankan shores. As part of the project, turtle hatcheries in this region purchase marine turtle eggs from the fishermen, re-bury them along the beach and leave them there for 48 days till they hatch. Visitors to the hatcheries can then release the babies into the sea at night and watch them waddle away into the waters. They can also see two very rare albino turtles that are kept at the sea turtle project for research.

Bentota river boat safaris:

The river boat safaris are the perfect way to explore the unchartered mangroves along the Bentota River. The boats meander their way through the islets and mangrove swamps located haphazardly on the river. En route, you can spot aquatic birds such as herons, kingfishers, cormorants as well as the monitors and crocodiles that wade through the water.

The village temples:

The Wanawasa Raja Maha Viharaya, located alongside the lagoon, is a Buddhist temple, which houses magnificent statues and paintings. There is also an impressive replica of Adam’s peak equipped with a lever that visitors could tug to send a gush of water streaming down the mountainside. The dried-up well located behind the current image house contains remains of the underground temple which belonged to a bygone era. Then there is the Galapata Vihara, a temple that dates back to the twelfth century.

Vacation rentals in Bentota

The vacation rentals in Bentota comprise professionally-managed private villas and cottages, located in scenic surroundings and within convenient distance of the attractions.

If you are travelling with family or friends, the vacation rentals in Bentota can provide you the ideal base to explore the island at your leisure and pace. Compare costs and you will find that renting a private rental is more cost-effective than hotel rooms. Also, it is highly unlikely you all will get hotel rooms next to each other. You can also save costs by preparing your own meals in the well-equipped kitchens instead of eating out throughout your stay. Most rentals include the services of housekeeping staff and cook with the package so you don’t have to worry about the daily chores. All you have to do is relax, indulge, connect with your loved ones, and explore the best of what the island has to offer.