Chiang Mai private luxury villas in the mountains to rent

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USD 370

per night

Lana Thai Villa

Located in the mountains in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. Lana Thai Villa is a thai-style villa in Thailand.

3 6


USD 599

per night

Villa Doi Luang Reserve

Located in the mountains in Chiang Mai Province, Chiang Mai. Villa Doi Luang Reserve is a thai-style villa in Thailand.

6 12


USD 1,106

per night

Howie's HomeStay

Located in the mountains in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. Howie's HomeStay is a thai-style villa in Thailand.

4 8

Chiang Mai – Experience the ancient Lanna kingdom

Chiang Mai is the northern province of Thailand surrounded by mountains and boasting cool temperatures, a cosmopolitan city, colorful festivals and wonderful luxury villas. Founded in 1296, this is an ancient Lanna city that still retains the signs of the Lanna kingdom on its historic walls and moats. Chiang Mai is also a home to Buddhist temples, including 14th-century Wat Phra Singh and 15th-century Wat Chedi Luang. It's a University town, a centre of museums and culture, and a tourist hotspot with plenty to do. There are a number of temples and remnants of the city’s distinguished past, a huge draw to the sophisticated traveler to come and stay at opulent holiday villas to rent in Chiang Mai.

Top attractions of Chiang Mai

The city lost importance with the decline of the Lannathai kingdom and was either occupied by the Thais of Ayutthaya or the Burmese. Many locals from Chiang Mai left the city in what has become known as the 'Great Sponge Migration' of 1776. In 1774, Chiang Mai became part of Siam when King Taksin wrestled it from the hands of the Burmese Gorgons. Chiang Mai is a popular destination in which to celebrate the yearly Songkran festival. The Chiang Mai flower festival leads up to the date and visitors come from around the world to enjoy the city's cultural offerings. Chiang Mai is easily reached with daily flights from Bangkok. The best way to get around is on a bicycle and stay at Chiang Mai villas.

Luxurious Chiang Mai villas for rent

Chiang Mai villas are scattered around the city and throughout the province, edging towards the lush vegetation and thankful shade of the mountains. You will find all amenities in these private villas. Chiang Mai villas benefit from the amenities of the cosmopolitan city as well as the abundant natural offerings. Many of the villas are designed in traditional Thai Lanna style but feature all modern facilities. Plus, there's plenty to see and do in Chiang Mai province.

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