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Baan Suaan Bua Villa

Located near the beach in Laem Sor, Koh Samui. Baan Suaan Bua Villa is a contemporary villa in Thailand.

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Baan Suaan Serenity Villa

Located near the beach in Laem Sor, Koh Samui. Baan Suaan Serenity Villa is a contemporary villa in Thailand.

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Laem Sor, Koh Samui

Laem Sor beach is off the beaten track, about 20 min from Lamai, and is famous on Koh Samui for its ancient pagoda. This beach-front chedi may be the most beautiful place on the island. The chedi is actually rather old, but restored just a few years ago with glazed tiles that have a mustard color often appearing to be gold. Next to the chedi is a small 'meditation forest' of trees with places to sit and even a few tables.

Few visitors, however, venture beyond the grounds of Wat Laem Sor, this ornately designed Chedi (Pagoda) sitting at the rocky water's edge. Covered in countless small yellow tiles, it appears golden when viewed from a short distance. It's at the far South of the island off the 4170 road between Ban Tale and Ban Pang Ka.

Surrounding the forest on two sides is a man-made lagoon with some mangrove trees planted along the ocean side. On Buddhist holy days, monks and lay people will come fill the forest and grounds in a festival atmosphere.

The rest of the time, it is a quiet and beautiful spot for a picnic. In front of the Pagoda the beach is quite rocky and wild, with great chunks of driftwood thrown about. To the east of the chedi, the beach is a bit sandier.

Laem Sor offers stunning views to the nearby islands of Koh Taen and Koh Matsum where their white sandy beaches can be seen from the pool's edge. The sight of the Samui fishermen boats gives a gentle touch of local integration and is the scene of numerous and famous picturesque scenes.

Laem Sor villas for rent

This stretch of beach has just a few private beach villas scattered about allowing it to retain its tropical serenity. Since these villas are few and far between, be sure to book well in advance if you have your heart set on a Laem Sor holiday this year.

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