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USD 890

per night

Villa Anucara

Located with sea views in Cemagi, Bali. Villa Anucara is a balinese villa in Indonesia.

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Cemagi is one of the five areas which in a cluster form the region known as Canggu. The rest are Berawa, Echo Beach, Seseh, Pererenan. Cemagi is just south of the famous temple of Tanah Lot. The beach of black volcanic sand is best suited for the sunset lovers and people who like morning jogs. Although this beach is less famous among the tourists, this scenario is changing fast with more and more holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet choosing to stay in holiday villas to rent in Cemagi. While the beach is excellent for the land-related activities, swimmers must be wary due to its strong currents.

Things one may want to do in Cemagi

Swimming in the waters here may not be recommended, but the strong waves may let you ride them if you know how to, try surfing on Cemagi beach. Jogging is also very much a favorite pastime for visitors to the beach; the sand and the water plus the view gives one everything anyone may need for an enjoyable workout. Spas are easy to find here, and you can get a financially viable spa if you are good at bargaining. Rice fields of the area are also popular among the tourists, try visiting one; the local temple with all the local rituals can be a good memory also. Cemagi villas are something to look for if you love the tranquility.

Luxurious villas to rent

There are a few holiday villas to rent in Cemagi where you can enjoy the most laidback week or weekend of your whole life. Holiday villas are just booming in the tourism industry, there aren’t many holiday lovers who haven’t heard of the term yet, but this is how it works, you don’t rent a hotel room when you are on holiday anymore. Instead, you rent a holiday villa. The reason behind the decision is villas are better when the privacy and individual service is something you are looking for.

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