Lombok villas

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USD 1,236

per night

Sepoi Sepoi

Located on the beach in Tandjung Peninsula, Lombok. Sepoi Sepoi is a balinese villa in Indonesia.

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9.8/10 over 9 reviews


USD 1,202

per night

Villa Sapi

Located on the beach in Sira Beach, Lombok. Villa Sapi is a balinese villa in Indonesia.

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9.2/10 over 5 reviews


USD 982

per night


Located on the beach in Tandjung Peninsula, Lombok. Anandita is a balinese villa in Indonesia.

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USD 1,063

per night

Sira Beach House

Located on the beach in Tandjung Peninsula, Lombok. Sira Beach House is a balinese villa in Indonesia.

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Lombok “an unspoiled Bali”

Lombok, located to the east of Bali is often dubbed as “an unspoiled Bali”. And it is too, the beautiful beaches, the waterfalls, the volcano of Mount Rinjani, the Lombok Villas, the everything! Tourists in the search for peace of mind often travel this tropical island. The place is ideal for the honeymooners and travelers who are probing for the inexpensive places to stay. The island is so uncomplicated that there are just two ubiquitous global fast-food franchises and that too are in Mataram Mall in the central city. The island is hot and humid, atmospherically but drier than Bali.

Places to unwind

Lombok has so many beautiful beaches and one you’ll not want to miss is called Tanjung A’an. You will immediately notice that unlike other Lombok beaches the sand here is like pepper. Kuta Beach Lombok (not to be confused with Kuta Beach Bali) is simply an amazing stretch of clean white sand and turquoise water. Then there are the famous Gili Islands off the north west coast. These islands are known for their pristine coral reefs which offer perfect conditions for snorkeling or scuba diving. For surfers, Selong Belanak Beach is heaven, if not a surfer, you can still fulfill your lifelong dream of learning surfing.

Laidback villas to rent in Lombok

Most of the people plan a trip to Lombok to relax and stay away from all the hassles of the rest of the country, this is a place to let go all of your worries, so why rent a room in some hotel when a stay in a Lombok Holiday Villa is affordable and far more relaxing? As you’d expect most Lombok villas are located on the beachfront providing breathtaking scenery and tranquil surroundings. You can also expect modern facilities, private swimming pools and attentive service from the villa staff. So if you want to experience that dream of a tropical beachfront lifestyle in absolute comfort then a Lombok villa is where you should head to.